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Welcome to the Tiffany Brissette friends and fans Home Page

Memories of a Friendship with Tiffany Brissette Newcomers, I suggest you start here and read a brief story of how Tiffany and I met, and the friendship we developed.  This page was reformatted Oct 14, to load faster, if you had problems seeing the pictures before, please give it another try.  Webmistress.

Where do this site's visitors come from? Come see where this site's traffic, and your fellow friends and fans are coming from.  (Organized alphabetically and by volume.)

Sun Up San Diego Tiffany was coming to town for an interview, but in this tale of the Actress and her friend, it was the friend who was interviewed as the Actress appeared on a different show.  A miscommunication I was grateful for in the end!

1987 Newspaper Clipping CHECK THIS OUT!  A newspaper clipping, with photos of Tiffany in San Diego making an Educational Film. Also a side bar from another magazine about the Teddy Ruxpin public service announcements.

Photos from Days Gone By A page with photos from another friend of Tiffany's including a doll he made for her - that looks an awful lot like our favorite Small Wonder.
Go straight to the story of the doll here

Dreams of a young lady An essay written in 1987, "detailing" as best a 13 year old could, the dream Tiffany and I cooked up together.

Keepsakes The autograph Tiffany gave me at Balloons across San Diego - and the back of the flyer where she wrote her address, phone number, and the date when she would be looking forward to my visit to the set of Small Wonder!  Balloons Across San Diego Flyer

Small Wonder Unofficial Home Page A wonderful page dedicated to the show Tiffany Brissette was acting on when we met.  Enjoy!  :)

Small Wonder Unofficial Home Page - PHOTOS page Use the links to the left to view some of the wonderful video clips they have archived showing Tiffany throughout her career. {The Small Wonder Unofficial Home Page is now adding COMPLETE episodes.}

James Vipond's Original Small Wonder Page

Adrian's Small Wonder Page - Ever wondered what a "foreigner's" take on the show would be?  Check out Adrian's page, which is a combination of mirrors of the Unofficial Page, and screen captures/photos and other unique things, put together in Asia where the show still airs!

Fan Encounters A site dedicated to stories about encounters between Actors and the general public.  (It is still under development, but the list of actors with stories to come is quite impressive!)

If you knew Tiffany, and have a fun story you would like to share please let me know!  :)

Please e-mail me THANKS!

This site was created August 29, 1998

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